5 Delicious Street Foods to Try In India


“Avoid eating from outside”, that’s one common dialogue moms have been using for generations. And, what effect does it have on you? You end up doing the exact opposite and relish your wayward taste buds with delicious street food, don’t you?

Admit it, street foods are simply irresistible. Yes, we are all aware that street foods might be unhealthy as compared to home cooked food. But, all these petty qualms don’t matter much when your stomach is growling and the aroma guides you automatically to land in that street corner.

What makes street food more interesting is popularity and variety. Your city is definitely famous for offering a certain street dish and so is your neighbouring state. Dig deeper and you’ll find endless varieties of different street foods to try from across different places. This list brings five delicious street foods from across India that you will leave your taste buds begging for more.

BlF2First in the list is Chole Bhature, a Punjabi dish often preferred during breakfasts is considered as one of the most delicious street foods Delhi. Chole Bhature consists of spicy chickpeas, spices, and fried puris made from wheat flour. With ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, ginger, coriander, and garam masala, the chole offers a yummy treat to your taste buds. Accompany chole with bhature and you have the perfect dish served hit within minutes.

BlF3Once again, hailing from the streets of north India, Aloo tikki is one of those snacks that not only satiate your appetite but also your taste buds cravings. Aloo tikki is prepared with boiled potatoes, onions, and other spices. It is served fresh with coriander-mint sauce that adds a perfect touch to the flavors this delicacy gives out. Aloo tikki is also called as Ragda Pattice or Aloo chat in other parts of India.

BlF4Call it the Indian burger, the Vada Pao is the most popular street snack across Maharashtra. Fried potato dumplings stuffed inside a bun and nicely flavored with green chutney and chillies is a quick grab-and-go snack that’s simply perfect for those with busy everyday routine. Vada pao is a native dish for those in Maharashtra and power snack for everybody going through everyday hustle.

BlF5Dabeli is basically Vada pao’s elder cousin. It is another must try street food hailing from the Kutch region of Gujarat but it is popular across metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmadabad. Dabeli is made from boiled potatoes and lip-smacking spices that give out a sweet sour taste which makes it totally delicious.

BlF6Last but definitely not the least comes a dish that simply leaves everybody to go crazy. Considered as a traditional south Indian breakfast, Idli Sambhar is a healthy street food popular across India. Prepared from rice and fermented black lentils, idly is made by steaming the ingredients and served along with sambhar. Many prefer having idlis with different chutney variants which makes this dish a big hit. The combination of both Idly and sambhar is simply irresistible.

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Five Traditional Indian Drinks to Try This Summer


Summer season is here and believe it or not, every person simply has one thing in mind which is to escape from the scorching heat. Nobody likes getting roasted in the sweltering heat but you’ve got no option but to face it from March to June. You’ll sweat even if you sit still. That’s just how unfair life is sometimes.

Be it indoors or outdoors, there is no escaping from the heat but you can definitely find ways to beat it. What makes summer horrible isn’t the heat but the impact the rising temperature has over your body. So, if you can find a way to keep your system cool, then you’re halfway there to surviving summers with ease.

And, one of the easiest ways to keep your body chilled in order to combat the scorching heat is to load yourself with enough drinks and beverages. Drinks can be consumed easily, helps you lose some weight, and most importantly it feels amazing to relish your taste buds with great liquid flavours.

So, here are six traditional Indian drinks to try this summer that will help you beat the heat,

Nimbu Pani


Call it the most common and traditional drink of India, the Nimbu pani is certainly a popular drink that caters to everyone’s preferences. Nimbu pani also known as Shikanje across northern states of India is prepared with lemons with added flavours of ginger, coriander, and mint. Add some ice to the mixture with saffron and salt for seasoning and this drink will get you energized in no time.

Aam Panna


Aam Panna is one of those rare traditional drinks that primarily serve its purpose to help you beat the heat. Loaded with heat resistant properties, the Aam Panna is prepared with green mangoes. While green mangoes fuel the drink with flavours, the sugar and various assortment of spices makes it tasty. Apart from helping you beat the heat, this drink will also help you treat gastro-intestinal disorders keeping you healthy.



Buttermilk flipped in the Indian term is what they call as Chaas. Known for its amazing thirst quenching properties, this drink is something that will help your system get refreshed in no time. Chaas is prepared with curd and other ingredients such as roasted cumin, ginger, chilli, coriander leaves and mint leaves. Since, chaas is made with curd you can also use chaas to enjoy with a meal.

Narial Pani


If a little cheering is what your body needs then Narial Pani is probably the best dirnk you can go for. Coconut water not only helps you escape from the heat but it also helps you body stay hydrated for long hours. Also, terming coconut water as a drink to quench thirst is a big understatement as this drink comes with loads of other benefits.




Falooda is a sweet beverage drink made with ice cream, vermicelli, jelly cubes, rose syrup and milk. Falooda, unlike other drinks in this list, makes room for more flavours. Adding ice cream to it makes it perfect to be served chilled and rose syrup along with jelly cubes makes this drink too amazing. For orders and more, visit www.deliverychef.in

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5 Best Ever Egg Breakfast Recipes


It is quarter to nine, you realize you’re late for office and that’s when the multitasker in you decides to show up. Every minute slips by faster than ever, the sound of the clock ticking becomes a nightmare, your busy thinking of legit excuses and amidst of these things happening, having breakfast is definitely not an option.

When was the last time you had breakfast with peace of mind without rushing or checking mails? It is true morning hours are tight but it is also true you’re robbing yourself from health every time you choose to skip breakfast.

So, how can you be quick on your feet and also not skip on a healthy breakfast at the same time? The answer is simple, have eggs in breakfast. Eggs are beneficial in a number of different ways. You can make egg recipes quick, consume them even quicker and it serves the right nutritional value your body needs.

Consider eggs as the ideal food recipe to fuel your body. While having the same egg recipe every morning will sooner or later become boring, here we bring you five best every egg breakfast recipes you can shuffle every time boredom hits you.

Egg Masala

Ab2If you love spices then you’ll egg masala. This recipe brings delicious flavours to your table that will relish your taste buds like never before. Egg masala makes a great match with bread, chapatti, and puri. Feel free to add peas, tomatoes, and veggies as per your preference for added flavours.

Egg Chaat

Ab3Egg Chaat is a tangy recipe with added flavours of tomato, tamarind, and lemon spread across soft boiled eggs. The amount of seasoning that goes into the making of this recipe is something that can leave you wanting for more. And, the best part about this dish is that it doesn’t require you to have any expert cooking skills. A fresh spin on salads along with tamarind, ketchup, lime and mix of boiled eggs is all that is required.

Egg Bhruji


Egg Bhurji is nothing but scrambled eggs done the with a desi touch. Egg bhurji serves as a perfect match for toasts and pav (the Indian bread). This recipe makes room for eggs, masalas, and butter and it hardly takes about five minutes to serve egg bhurji. Use coriander and mint leaves for more flavour.

Cheese Toast omelette


This recipe needs no introduction. The cheese toast omelette is a quick grab and go recipe that is yummy and healthy. Simply beat the eggs, add salt and chilli powder as per your requirements, and flip the omelette mixture and you’re done. Stuff them in a toast along with cheese and you’re good to go. While eggs provide you with all the protein your body needs, cheese helps you fuel with unsaturated fats that are equally needed.

Poached Eggs


Poached eggs are yet another simple and quick to prepare recipe that provides you with loads of nutrition. Eggs consumed in its poached form can back you up with 6 grams of high quality protein which will make you consume lower calories during lunch. If keeping your hunger under control is your motive then poached eggs will very well help you stay full for longer hours.

While eggs help you stay healthy, we’ll help you save you from hunger. A call is all it takes for yummy food to be delivered at your doorstep in no time. For orders and more, visit www.deliverychef.in

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5 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan Diet

DC Blog2.1What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when the word “Vegan” is tossed? Many will instantly picture only green veggies and fruits in their mind which is true to a certain extent. But, there is more facts and figures about a vegan diet than just consuming plant derived food items.

Many people underestimate and consider going vegan as something weak but that’s just a foul mindset. In fact, switching to a vegan diet has health benefits that are unmatched in many ways. A vegan diet not only helps you stay away from sicknesses but it also helps you to combat big time illnesses like heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes.

Here are five science-based health benefits of adopting a vegan diet you should know.

Vegan Diet Is Loaded With Rich Nutrients

DC Blog2.2A vegan diet excludes nutrient sources such as meat and dairy products. Thus, as you go vegan, you’ll most likely have to depend on sources like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, nuts and seeds to supply your body with essential nutrients. These plant derived food items are natural and are rich in offering your body with more fiber, antioxidants, and other essential plant compounds. Thus, with nutrient intake, you can stay healthier.

Choose Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

DC Blog2.3There are two options available when it comes to losing weight. You can either get aggressive with physical activities and exercises to burn more calories on everyday basis. Or, you can choose to consume fewer calories. Many people who are non-vegans often find themselves struggling with weight loss as they calories they consume from non-vegan diet are high. However, vegan diet, on the other hand, has a natural tendency to reduce your calorie intake. This effectively helps you to shed those excess fats and lose weight.

Vegan Diet Combats Type 2 Diabetes and Kidney Problems

DC Blog2.4Diabetes is one of those illnesses that hardly spare a handful of people that includes diet conscious people and fitness enthusiasts. However, did you know that those who prefer vegan diet are at a 50–78% lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes? Yep, you read that right. In fact, there are studies that suggest how vegan diet work wonders for diabetics too. It helps reduce blood sugar levels and effectively boosts insulin sensitivity.

Go Vegan to Keep Yourself Away From Certain Cancers

DC Blog2.5With a little tweak to your diet habits and lifestyle, you can easily combat one third chances of being diagnosed with cancer. It might come as shocker to you but that’s what the World Health Organizations says. Eating food items such as legumes helps in decreasing the risk of colorectal cancer by about 9–18%. Studies also say that consuming more portions of fresh fruits daily will help reduce the risk of dying from cancer by 15%. Animal products often comes with risk factors to cause breast and colon cancer. But, since vegan diet excludes animal products, you will be completely fine.

With Vegan Diet, Bid Goodbye to Heart Disease

DC Blog2.6Eating plant based food items lowers the risk of heart diseases. Excess fats and cholesterol are one of the main factors that contribute to heart illnesses. Cholesterol often gets deposited in your veins and arteries making it less suitable for blood to flow to the heart and vice versa. Plant based food items are naturally low in cholesterol. Thus, you need not worry about coronary heart diseases. Studies also suggest that vegans are at 42% of lower risk of dying from heart disease.

For instant food delivery, place an order right away from www.deliverychef.in

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Five Painless Ways to Cut Down Sugar

DC Blog1.1

Did you know an average American consumes more sugar in a day as compared to their ancestors did in a lifetime? Shocking isn’t it? Well, sugar spares no one it seems.

Sugar is one of those treacherous and deceitful substances, when consumed, masquerades in your system like an ally making you feel all good but later turns its ugly back on you. Consuming sugar is not a problem but consuming them in excess quantity is. And, for the worse, consuming them unknowingly is something you should be extremely cautious off.

Cutting down on sugar can be challenging especially considering how we have accepted it in our everyday life. So, technically there is no escaping from sugar. However, limiting sugar intake is something that’s totally in your power. So, unless you have a bizarre desire to spend all your hard earned money paying for medical bills fighting diabetes, you can shift your focus on limiting sugar consumption.

How do you do that? Here are seven painless ways to cut down sugar.

Strictly Say No To Processed Foods

DC Blog1.2Do you know what’s worse than consuming sugar? It is consuming them unknowingly. The way our lifestyles have taken shape has literally made each and every one of us to depend on processed food items rather than home cooked meals. Every eatable that comes well-packed in boxes, bags, and cans has tons of sugar in it. Sugar is added in processed foods as preservatives to extend the food’s life. So, saying no to processed foods should be your first step towards limiting your sugar intake. Carry home-cooked.

Whole Fruits Are Your Real Allies

DC Blog1.3
Your body is your temple. If you wish to treat your body with respect then you have to feed it with some real nutritious food supplies and whole fruits are you allies in this case. Fruits have every essential nutrient that is required for your body to stay lively. You can also eat fruits every time you get a craving to consume something sweet. However, if you find yourself consuming juices, fruit roll-ups, and dehydrated fruit liquids, then you should consider putting a lid over that habit. These liquids might look nutritious but, they are full of sugar. So, prefer whole fruits over juice to cut sugar.

Prepare Your Own Salad Dressing

DC Blog1.6Salad dressings, consider them as one of those common items where sugar find shelter to masquerade itself. You might buy additives for salads considering them to be not so harmful but in reality they can be nightmare. Eliminating these toppings and additives is thus crucial. For a replacement, you can always consider preparing your own salad dressings. You can use healthy options like extra virgin oil, olive oil, and avocado oil for preparing your salad dressings. If your cravings for the sweet flavour are too high then you should consider adding honey that will help satiate your cravings.

Dessert Is an Assassin

DC Blog1.4Not many people can digest this pointer but it’s the truth. Just how desserts give a perfect ending to all your meals, they also give a good start for many big time illnesses. Don’t blame the dessert; blame the sugar present in it. A quick tip to overcome this problem is to consider cheats. You can set a timetable, mark just one day as cheat day and enjoy having desserts to your heart’s content. Try to balance things out with exercising regularly. This helps in tackling the ill effects posed by desserts you consume on your cheat days.

Go for Dark Chocolate

DC Blog1.5This is the most painless way to overcome your craving for sugar. Dark chocolates bear numerous health benefits and consuming them makes you full quickly. As you switch to dark chocolates, you won’t go on a rampage like you usually do when you consume milk chocolate that is loaded with sugar and other additives. Dark chocolate also comes with minerals and soluble fibres that pose great health benefits for you. Keep them with you as a backup every time you get a craving and you can cut your sugar intake effortlessly.

To order healthy recipes instantly, visit www.deliverychef.in

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5 Superfoods That Keeps You Full Longer and Your Appetite Satiated

Feb blog1If done wrong, dieting can be challenging and terrible too. Every person who is on a diet has one crucial motive which is to consume fewer calories. However, when you start consuming fewer calories, you start starving. Your stomach keeps growling, you feel hungry, and your temptation to eat like a monster shoots up. And, then when you finally lay sight on delicious foods, your determination to stick to your diet plan disappears instantly.

“Is it possible to not starve despite of consuming fewer calories?” is a big question that pops up in everyone’s mind considering how dieting works. And, the answer is Yes. There are certain food item when consumed satiates your massive appetite and nourishes your body with low calories, call them The Superfoods. And, here’s a list of five Superfoods that help will help you diet the smart way and not the hard way.


Feb blog2Egg is the perfect food to help those in diet to meet their weight loss or weight gain goals. Eggs are rich in protein and it has very few calories too. Starting your day by nourishing your body with sufficient protein can help you stay full. Also, for those critics who claim eggs are high in cholesterol can avoid the egg yolk or balance your workouts depending on the number of eggs you consume.


Feb blog3Fish is another protein rich food that helps those in a diet to not go through starvation. Fish supplies your body with unique nutrient called omega 3 fatty acids that bears great health benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids, when consumed in the right proportion can help improve your vision and lose weight too. The nutrients available from fishes helps you stay full for longer hours throughout the day.


Feb blog4If you are one of those who simply love munching and having snacks frequently then taking up dieting might be very challenging for you. Your habits to binge eat will certainly interfere with your determination to stick with your diet plan. But, fret not, apples are here to save you the pain. Apples are probably the perfect replacement for snacks. Apples value high in fibres and are low in calories. So, you can eat them as often you want every time you get a craving.



Feb blog5To start you day strong, you need to fuel yourself strong. And, oatmeal is a perfect breakfast that can boost your body with ample amount of nutrients. Loaded with soluble fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, oatmeal will make you feel less hungry and more energetic throughout your day. It also bears other health benefits such as reducing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol levels.


Feb blog6Last but not least, this food item is hope for all you meat lovers. It is true beans may not be as delicious as chicken meat but you can definitely fuel your body with every nutrient observed from meat by consuming beans. Beans nutritional values offer high saturated fat and low calories that qualifies it to be a superfood. Being high in fibres will help you stay full for long hours.


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Five Must Try Biryani Variants You Need To Right Away

bl7If there is one term that goes as a synonym for “Happiness”, then it’s pretty obvious that one word would be “Biryani”. The word itself holds enough power to help you get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, and every other negative emotional state. Agreed?

Biryani is pure happiness. With that being said, what are the different Biryani variants that you have tried till date? In India, almost every state has its own Biryani recipe. Different Biryani variants from different states bring varied lip-smacking flavours to the table. How awesome would it be to try them all?

If that’s your dream them we’re here to guide you. Here are some of most delicious Biryani variants you need to try once for sure.

bl8The Sindhi Biryani is must try recipe for every individual who’s got cravings for spicy food. This variant involves a large amount of yoghurt to add a unique taste to the whole dish. Cooked with tender juicy vegetables and flavour adding spices such as green chillies, mint, coriander leaves and cinnamon stick, this recipe is a treat for every enthusiast.

bl9If fish and sweets are the only thing that popped up in your mind after hearing the word Kolkata, then after trying the Kolkata Biryani, you’ll definitely make room to recall that too. The Kolkata Biryani has a mesmerizing aroma with finely flavoured rice and other ingredients giving it a perfect touch. The lip-smacking colour and combination of different masalas provide this Biryani variant with a unique taste.

bl10As the name says it all, this Biryani variant has its roots attached to the Mughals who would droll over meat and more meat. So, if you’re a meat fan too, then trying the Mughlai Biryani should be in your to-do list. Prepared with soft basmati rice along with marinated chicken, the Mughlai Biryani will give you a taste of rich flavours. The Mughlai Biryani is sprinkled with saffron to give it a unique appearance. Served hot with raita and green chutney, this one is lip-smacking recipe.

bl11The Lucknowi Biryani is an appetizingly flavoursome Biryani that is extremely popular in Delhi, Punjab, Lucknow and other northern part of India. This recipe was derived from the Moghul cuisine and it is prepared with Basmati rice, chicken and aromatic spicy ingredients. The Lucknowi Biryani is served with spicy brinjal curry and onion curd.

bl12Yes, it’s true the north is drooling with different Biryani recipes but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for Biryani in the south. The Ambur Biryani gets its name from Tamil Nadu and this recipe is famous for two features. The first feature is the use of the Seeraga Samba rice, a unique type of rice harvested and grown in Tamil Nadu. The second feature is the technique. While preparing this Biryani, the meat is cooked separately and the rice is parboiled. The mixture and the process give this recipe a delicious touch.

So, how tempted are you now after reading all these Biryani variants? Well, don’t fret, these dishes are just one call away. Give us a call or surf www.deliverychef.in to order them right away.

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5 Budget-Friendly Must-Try Buffet Outlets in Mumbai




How awesome would it be if there existed a planet that offered unlimited delicious food? If it did, I would’ve left Earth within a blink of eye and never return back. Unfortunately, such a planet exists only in imaginations.

However, that desire to eat unlimited food can now become true. No, it’s not a lie. You can live that gratifying moment to charge your taste buds with yummy recipes back to back and stuff your stomach to bite more than you can chew. All you have to do is find a good restaurant that offers amazing buffet menus.

Buffet is a type of serving that allows diners to eat as much as they want for a certain paid amount. You will be provided with a number of different dishes and you have the choice to go wild. The buffet concept received enormous good response from the public and many restaurants have now started offering buffet menus.

To make things easier for you, here are five amazing restaurants that offer amazing buffet menus at extremely budge-friendly rates in India.

TiffinBox Etc


As the name says it all, they are popularly known for delivery yummy tiffinbox meals but this outlet is now growing a massive reputation for offering buffet. The location falls absolutely perfect for corporate meetings and parties. The lunch buffet is priced reasonably at 500 INR and includes a variety of delicious recipes to try.

  • Location: Bandra Kurla Complex
  • Timings: Noon to 10PM
  • Price: 500 INR+



To all the vegetarians out there, this spot is a paradise for each and every one of you. This outlet has been on a roll for quite some time now winning popular foodie awards. Vedge received the Best Vegetarian Restaurant for the year 2016 at the EazyDiner Foodie Awards. You can find amazing vegetarian recipes such as Wafer thin pizzas, small plates, Pan Asian fare, and more.

  • Location: Andheri
  • Timings: 11AM to 3PM
  • Pirce: 300 INR+

Sigree Global Grill


The assortment of different recipes made available at this outlet will definitely leave you confused for a moment thinking where to start from. While the smell of kebabs draws you closer to them, you definitely can’t miss out on biryani either. The Tandoori dishes served at this outlet are also sure to leave you gobsmacked.

  • Location: Powai
  • Timings: Noon to Midnight
  • Price: 900INR+



This outlet is a pretty unique place which makes it a must-try. Buffet menu at this outlet doesn’t have a self-service option. You get every dishes served nicely with one small gesture. The buffet menu includes servings such as Thai Curry, Gochujang pepper chilly seasoned chicken (Korean), Chantilly Cream accompanied with mango filo cups, and other lip smacking dishes.

  • Location: Santacruz
  • Timings: Noon to 3:30PM
  • Price: 1100INR+



With a massive record to help foodies kill their cravings for more than a decade, this outlet is a special one. You can find scrumptious South East Asian flavors served with a yummy touch. You can find succulent Thai beef Salad, BBQ spare ribs, and more. What’s more better than treating yourself with some yummy South Asian Flavor while enjoying the comfort of the bay?

  • Location: Colaba
  • Timing: Noon to 3PM
  • Price: 800INR+

Those five heavenly destinations will definitely soothe your food cravings. However, if you’re the type of person who is glued to the couch then ordering food is just one call away. Get in touch with www.deliverychef.in and enjoy scrumptious recipes at the comfort of your home.

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8 Must-try Burgers from Around the World that Will Leave You Gobsmacked


Is there anybody out there who would say no to a burger? Burgers are one of those few scrumptious recipes sent straight from the heavens. They are available in different flavors, they are budget friendly, and you can grab them on the go. You can find burgers with the tastiest stuffing and not to fret, burgers got both vegetarians and non-vegetarians covered. Over the years, Burgers have come a long way with a number of different mouth-watering variants. To make things easy on your part, we’ve made a list of must-try burgers from around the world that’ll leave you gobsmacked. Here they go,

Buns – Berlin, Germany


Yummy meat patty, delicious hot sauce, and fresh seasonal ingredients stuffed nicely are the fillings that go into the making of the Buns Burger. The stuffing is placed under two soft buns which make this burger a perfect treat hailing straight out of Berlin Germany.

Bacon and Lamb Burger – Delhi, India


Bacon and Lamb, the combo itself get your taste buds active, doesn’t it? Served freshly at Smokey’s outlet in Delhi, this burger variant is a famous one. The stuffing includes a three-eighth inch thick bacon roasted nice and brown complementing the lamb.

The Big Manc – Manchester, UK


Appealing to the eye and rich in taste, the Big Manc is a combination of scrumptious minced steak patty, iceberg lettuce, big manc sauce, and Monterey jack cheese. Two fresh bread buns pack the stuffing nicely and it is served along with pickle and sauce. The combination of flavors brought to the table by this burger is simply irresistible.

Mos Rice Burger – Tokyo, Japan


Here comes a massive treat for the vegetarians. The Mos rice burger makes room for carrots, green soybeans, Kelp, Konnyaku, tofu, and many other vegetable ingredients. The fillings are stuffed under yummy baked rice buns that make this burger a must-try.

L’americain – Chamonix, France.



If you have been always on the hunt to find a burger that is at par in terms of taste with the ones that are served in New York then L’americain Burger is the one. This burger has double wide bread buns, tomato, French fries, and two griddled patties. This burger is served with a Dijon-spiked pink sauce which adds the perfect flavor to every bite you take.

Sweet Bambi Burger – Queenstown, New Zealand


If your preferences are more inclined to having a more healthy burger then the Sweet Bambi Burger is sure to win your heart. With fresh Thai plum chutney along with other healthy fillings such as red onion, lettuce, and aioli this burger serves both appetite and fills in the nutritional value demanded by your body.

Poutine Burger, British Columbia, Canada


Prepared with great care and mouth-watering stuffing, the Poutine Burger served promises to bring flavors straight out of the great white north. Nicely cooked Canadian beef patty along with thick cut fries, cheese curds, bacon, and chipotle mayonnaise makes the Poutine Burger a yummy treat.

Miss Reykjavik burgers – Iceland


You’ll rarely find people who will say no to a burger stuffed with yummy chicken meat. If you’re one of them then the Miss Reykjavik burgers is a perfect match for you. Charcoal grilled chicken breasts, mesquite sauce, sun-dried tomato paste, and mango sauce is the ingredients you will find in this one. Add more cheese according to your needs and this one becomes a yummy masterpiece to enjoy.

Now, take a vow to add all these heavenly recipes to your to-do list and make sure you try them all once in your lifetime. But, for now after reading about these lip smacking burgers if you’re not able to handle your stomach growling then we are just one call away. Visit www.deliverychef.in to relish your taste buds with some scrumptious burgers.

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Must try Diwali Delicacies

Diwali is that time of the year when all food lovers and the dieters alike take a break and indulge in all the deliciousness the kitchen has to offer. After all, food forms an important part of the very essence of this dazzling festival of lights. So when you are not holding yourself back, it is our duty to guide you with the absolute must-have Diwali dishes that will tantalise your taste buds and give that added zing to an already eventful Diwali holiday. So here it is, the must-try Diwali Delicacies are:


How does one even begin to describe this dish? Chakli is a deep fried orange crunchy snack, its spices leave you wanting a little water and a lot more chakli. It is made of flour, coriander seed powder, cumin seed powder, sesame seeds, red pepper powder, turmeric powder, salt, asafoetida  and oil. This dish is a must have every Diwali and is stocked for weeks after Diwali as well.Chakli

Shankar Para:

Shankar Para

It is a popular snack in Maharashtra and Gujarat during Diwali, where it is known as shankarpali or shakarpara. It has a long shelf-life and is made out of milk, sugar, ghee, maida, semolina and salt. These lovely triangles of sweetness melt in the mouth and are thus an extremely popular Diwali delicacy.


KaranjiKaranji or somas or gujiyas, a traditional sweet prepared for Diwali, is common to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. At first glance, karanji can look like an apple turnover — there’s an outer layer and a filling as well. The base or the outer shape that is same but the filling varies depending on the ingredients used. The best part about this sweet is the perfect blend of crunchiness and sweetness.

Besan Ladoo:

Besan Ladoo

Besan ladoo is a sweet dough-like dish made during most festivals but definitely during Diwali. For this sweet, you will need gram flour, semolina, ghee, sugar, almonds, and cardamom. Ladoos typically appear in a ball-like form and they are certainly a mouthful! For anyone out there who has a sweet tooth, just one is enough but it’ll certainly leave you craving for another one soon enough.


ChivdaChivda is a kind of crispy snack prepared with roasted poha or puffed rice and a combination of nuts and dals. This snack is comparatively healthy as it’s roasted instead of deep fried, atleast traditionally. You can make this ahead of time and store in air-tight containers to retain freshness. Just serve as a tea time snack or munch on it whenever you have snack attack.  This Diwali dish certainly can be made with various ingredients and flavours and is an absolute must have.


KadboliKadboli is a deep fried snack made for Diwali! It is typically made with cumin, chili powder, chickpea flour, urad, rice flour, moong, salt, and other spices and is extremely popular in Maharashtra. This savoury Diwali treat is sure to leave you wanting more.

Badam Puri:

Badam PuriBadam Puri is a crispy sweet that comes from the land of five rivers, viz, Punjab. This dish is traditionally prepared during Diwali out of almond paste, clarified butter and dry fruits. Also, you can store them up to a week and enjoy the richness of it’s texture and flavour.

We know after reading all this you are eagerly craving all these goodies and can’t wait for Diwali. No worries! The festival is just around the corner. Incase we have left your tummy craving some goodies right away, just give us a call and order in from Deliverychef.in.

Happy Eating!



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