5 Delicious Street Foods to Try In India


“Avoid eating from outside”, that’s one common dialogue moms have been using for generations. And, what effect does it have on you? You end up doing the exact opposite and relish your wayward taste buds with delicious street food, don’t you?

Admit it, street foods are simply irresistible. Yes, we are all aware that street foods might be unhealthy as compared to home cooked food. But, all these petty qualms don’t matter much when your stomach is growling and the aroma guides you automatically to land in that street corner.

What makes street food more interesting is popularity and variety. Your city is definitely famous for offering a certain street dish and so is your neighbouring state. Dig deeper and you’ll find endless varieties of different street foods to try from across different places. This list brings five delicious street foods from across India that you will leave your taste buds begging for more.

BlF2First in the list is Chole Bhature, a Punjabi dish often preferred during breakfasts is considered as one of the most delicious street foods Delhi. Chole Bhature consists of spicy chickpeas, spices, and fried puris made from wheat flour. With ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, ginger, coriander, and garam masala, the chole offers a yummy treat to your taste buds. Accompany chole with bhature and you have the perfect dish served hit within minutes.

BlF3Once again, hailing from the streets of north India, Aloo tikki is one of those snacks that not only satiate your appetite but also your taste buds cravings. Aloo tikki is prepared with boiled potatoes, onions, and other spices. It is served fresh with coriander-mint sauce that adds a perfect touch to the flavors this delicacy gives out. Aloo tikki is also called as Ragda Pattice or Aloo chat in other parts of India.

BlF4Call it the Indian burger, the Vada Pao is the most popular street snack across Maharashtra. Fried potato dumplings stuffed inside a bun and nicely flavored with green chutney and chillies is a quick grab-and-go snack that’s simply perfect for those with busy everyday routine. Vada pao is a native dish for those in Maharashtra and power snack for everybody going through everyday hustle.

BlF5Dabeli is basically Vada pao’s elder cousin. It is another must try street food hailing from the Kutch region of Gujarat but it is popular across metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmadabad. Dabeli is made from boiled potatoes and lip-smacking spices that give out a sweet sour taste which makes it totally delicious.

BlF6Last but definitely not the least comes a dish that simply leaves everybody to go crazy. Considered as a traditional south Indian breakfast, Idli Sambhar is a healthy street food popular across India. Prepared from rice and fermented black lentils, idly is made by steaming the ingredients and served along with sambhar. Many prefer having idlis with different chutney variants which makes this dish a big hit. The combination of both Idly and sambhar is simply irresistible.

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Best Places For Authentic Chinese Food In And Around Mumbai.

There’ll Be Days When You’ll Crave For Some Dishes Across The Border. Though Travelling From One Place To Another, Experiencing Different Varieties Of Food Sounds Enticing, It Isn’t Too Feasible! So The Next Best Thing Is To Settle For What’s Next To You! And This Is Where Chinese Restaurants Enter The Scene.

The Craze For Chinese Cuisine Started A Long Time Ago. Their Out-Of-The-World Cooking And That Peculiar Aroma Attracts Its Audience Like A Honey Trap. The Flavours This Cuisine Brings In Makes It Stand Out Among The Crowd Of Indian Dishes.

Want To Try Something Delicious And Authentic? Here’s A List Of Chinese Restaurants In And Around Mumbai Where You Can Let Your Taste Buds Do The Talking!



1) China Bay, Mahim:

One Of The Finest Dining Restaurants In The City, China Bay Offers Authentic Oriental Cuisines Prepared With Special Pan-Asian Cooking Techniques. The Exclusive Menu Is In Line With The Varied Tastes And Preferences Of The People And Serves Chinese Delicacies. They Believe In Food That Looks Better And Tastes Even Better! That’s Why They Experiment With Molecular Gastronomy To Offer Amazing Tastes.



2) EAST, Vile Parle:

For The People Who Crave A Superior Dining Experience, EAST Is The Place To Be At. Located In Hotel Sahara Star In Vile Parle, EAST Offers A Peaceful Ambience To Make Your Visit Memorable. Every Dish The Restaurant Has To Offer Is Of The Finest Taste! Their Menu Is In Line With People Of Varied Flavours And Preferences. This Place Is Well Known For Its Asian Cuisines!


3) Global Fusion, Bandra

The Name Itself Justifies For Its Offerings! They Effectively Fuse Global Cuisines With Ethnicity. They Serve Cuisines From Across The Borders In Its Most Delectable Form. The Main Charm Of The Place Lies In Its Amazing Ambiance That Is Well-Decorated. Their Lavish Menu, Especially The Seafood Offerings, Take The Limelight.


4) Hong Kong, Thane:

Escape To China, Without Even Leaving Mumbai. Hong Kong In Thane Offers Mouth-Watering Chinese Delicacies With An Ambience Set Right For A Happy Tummy. They’ve Captured The Essence Of China Through Their Dishes, Intricately. It’s Definitely A Place To Be At.


5) Tsaai Shen Yeh, Pune

Just Outside Mumbai, This Majestic Place Is A Head Turner And That’s Why This Makes It To The List. Tsaai Shen Yeh Is Well Known For Its Specific Chinese Cooking Techniques. This Is For The Crowd Who Looks For Great Flavours Of Chinese Cuisine Along With A Great Ambiance. This Place Is For Every Diner Who’s Looking For Food Cooked With Love!

Need To Practice With The Chopsticks For Those Chinese Delicacies? Head Over To Www.Deliverychef.In And Order Your Favourite Dishes!

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7 types of Indian Biryani that are must try.

Did You Know That Almost Every Region In India Has Its Own Variant Of Biryani? Who Are We Kidding? Of Course, You Did. India Being A Diverse Country, It Does Not Come As A Surprise When Someone Says That There Are Multiple Variants Of A Specific Dish.

A Mughlai Version Of Pulao, Biryani Is Something That None Of Us Can Resist. And The Best Part Is, There Are Biryani Variants Of Every Type. So Be It Extremely Spicy Food That You Love Or Mild But Full Of Flavour Is Your Taste, Biryani Will Suit All Your Needs.

And Today We Bring To You Indian Biryanis That You Must Try At Least Once Because After Trying Once We Are Sure You Are Going To Yearn For It Time And Again. So Read On And Start Planning Your Next Food Adventure.

Lucknowi Biryani


Coming From The Land Of Nawabs, Lucknowi Biryani Is Surely Going To Settle On Your Palate. Also Called As Awadhi Biryani, This Aromatic Delight Stands Out For Its Mild Flavours And The Way It Is Cooked. In Lucknowi Biryani Meat And Rice Are First Cooked Separately And Are Then Layered Together With Fresh Spices. Alluring Right? Served In A Sealed Handi, It Is Also Light On The Stomach As It Has Low Spice Level.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Ag13Straight From The Kitchen Of Royalty, This Ravishingly Spicy Biryani Is Going To Heighten Your Senses For Sure. Half Boiled Rice Layered With Golden Fried Onions, Mint Leaves, Chillies And Chicken Or Lamb Meat In  Itself Sounds So Delectable And For Spicaholics, It Is A Pure Heaven.

Sprinkled With Kewda, Rose Water And Saffron, This Delicacy Is Best Enjoyed With Raita And Mirchi Ka Salan.

Kashmiri Biryani


Kashmiri Biryani Or You Can Say Biryani From The Heaven Shows That You Don’t Always Need Bold Spices For A Dish To Be Tastelicious. While The Use Of Saffron And Whole Spices Sprinkles Kashmir Magic All Over It, The Addition Of Fruits, Nuts And Milk Make It More Exotic And Divine. And So This Biryani Is In Our List Of The Top Must Tries, Is It In Yours?

Ambur Biryani


Even Though Every Biryani Is Unique In Its Own Way, This Biryani Has Something More In Store. The Highlight Of This Biryani Is That The Meat Is First Soaked In The Curd Before Adding It To The Rice Which Leaves Behind A Distinctive Taste Which Is Just Delish. It Is Usually Eaten With Kathirikai Pachadi (Khattay Baingan), A Spicy Accompaniment Made With Brinjal. When In Tamil Nadu, This Dish Is A Must Try.

Kolkata Biryani

Ag16Educed From Its Awadhi Counterpart, Kolkata Biryani Screams Everything Subtle. Finely Flavoured Rice With Light Spices Makes It A Simple Yet Scrumptious Dish.

The Love For Potato In The Hearts Of Bengalis Is No New News And The Same Marks As A Trademark Of This Delicacy From The City Of Joy Along With A Hint Of Sweetness Because It’s Kolkata, Toh Thoda Toh Sweet Banta Hai! (So A Bit Of Sweetness Is A Must) Just Like Its Misti Manusa (Sweet People). Don’t You Think So?

Bombay Biryani

Ag17Cooked Dum-Style, This Biryani From Our Very Own City Of Dreams Is Too Delectable To Not To Try. Bombay Biryani Owes Its Idiosyncrasy To Kewra And The Use Of Almost Every Spice Known. And The Addition Of Spiced And Fried Potatoes Is Just A Cherry On The Top. What Do You Think?

Sindhi Biryani

Ag18The Essence Of Sindhi Biryani Lies In The Variety Of Spices Used In Its Preparation. Spicier Than Most Other Biryanis, This Fiery Platter Will Awaken Your Taste Buds With It Vigorous Use Of Spices, Tangy Prunes And Sour Yogurt. Yes, You Read It Right; Sindhi Biryani Is Prepared Using Sour Yogurt, Unlike Other Biryanis That Uses Sweet One.

So, Excited Much To Try These Variants Yet? Stop Making Khayali Pulao (Fantasizing And Cooking It All Up In Your Mind) Or Should We Say Biryani? And Order Your Favourite Biryani From Deliverychef.In Now!



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6 North Indian Dishes That Will Take You Back To North India.

What Is The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind When You Hear North Indian Cuisine?

The Heavenly Aromatic Gravies With Use Of Saffron, Rich Indian Spices, Paneer Etc Is What Comes To Our Mind. This Is What North Indian Food Is Famous For, Right? And Of Course, How Can We Forget The Variety Of Indian Bread They Have To Offer! That Tandoori Roti, Lachha Parathas (Stuffed Parathas), Naans, Kulchas Yummm.

As Diverse As Our Country Is, Our Cuisine Is In No Way Behind When It Comes To Multiplicity. Even If We Talk About A Particular Region Such As North India, Every State Has A Rich History Behind How A Particular Dish Became Its Identity.

And Today We Are Here To Take You Down On A Food Journey To North India. So Keep Your Gustatory Perception Ready Because Believe It Or Not My Friend You Are In For A Gastronomic Joyride.

Murg Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken)



One Of The Most Known Indian Food All Over The World, Murg Makhani Is Like A Treat To Your Palate. Marinated Grilled Chicken With Creamy Gravy Prepared By Cooking Juicy Tomato Puree And Spices In Butter Is Just Outright Delicious.

Said To Be Originated From New Delhi, Murg Makhani Tastes Great With Pulao Or With Naans, Green Salad And Black Lentils.

Chole Bhature


Straight From The Kitchen Of Punjab, We All Love This Dish. Piping Hot And Spicy Chole Prepared By Simmering Boiled White Chickpeas In The Spicy Onion-Tomato Curry And Served With Big Fluffy And Feather Soft Bhaturas Will Just Melt In Your Mouth.

Even Though North Indians Prefer To Eat Chole Bhature In Their Breakfast It Is A Heavy Dish And Is A Good Lunch/Dinner Option Depending On One’s Appetite.

Rogan Josh

Ag8Here Comes The Signature Dish Of The State Of Valleys. Packed With The Flavours Of Kashmir, Rogan Josh Is An Aromatic Lamb Dish Best Suited For Special Occasions. The Main Highlight Of Rogan Josh Is The Use Of Dried Kashmiri Red Chilies Which Is Quite Milder As Compared To The Typical Dried Chilies Used In Other Indian Cuisines And Is Also The Reason Behind The Lustrous Red Colour Of The Platter.

If You Are A Meat Lover Then This One Is For You.


Ag9Aloo (Potato), Palak (Spinach), Cheese, Keema, Dry Fruits! You Name It And They Will Have A Paratha Variant Ready For It. Parathas Are Mainly Consumed As A Breakfast Or Evening Snack. The Best Thing About Paratha Is That You Can Customize It As Per Your Needs And Requirements. Many Mothers Resort To Parathas And Fool Their Kids Into Eating Veggies When They Refuse To Do So.


Ag10From The Holy City Of Mathura, This Rich, Creamy And Smooth Dessert Is Surely Going To Leave Your Tastebuds Tingling With Excitement For More. Made By Boiling The Milk To The Extent When It Turns Lightish Pink And Only One-Third Of The Original Volume Remains, Rabri Is Flavoured With Saffron, Cardamoms, Dry Fruits Etc As Per One’s Preference.

Sarso Da Saag & Makki Ki Roti



Who Is Not Aware Of This Infamous Dish Of Punjab?! Be It Cold Winters Or Chilly Monsoons, Sarso Da Saag And Makki Ki Roti Is All Time Favourite Among Many Of Us.

Sarso Da Saag Is Prepared By Cooking Mustard And Spinach Leaves Together With Spices Such As Green Chilli, Garlic Etc Adding To Its Delectable Flavor While Makki Ki Roti Is Unleavened Bread Made Using Corn Flour Dough. This Dish Is Not Just Tasty But Also Abundantly Nutritious Making It A Go To Platter In Punjab Especially During Winters.

Now, We All Know That North Indians Take Their Food Seriously And So Do We!

Order From Deliverychef.In‘S Vast List Of Restaurants And We Assure You That You Won’t Be Disappointed.

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5 Wraps That Are Perfect For A Lunch Or Dinner.

When Hunger Strikes, You Need Something Quick And Delicious To Satiate It And There’s Nothing Like A Loaded Wrap Or Roll That You Can Make Your Way. Wraps Are A Hit, Since They Are Handy Rolls Of Deliciousness. Unlike Other Fast Foods, This Does Not Require You To Hold It With Two Hands And Gorge On It!

Sandwich’s Long And Tubular Cousin, Wraps Make For The Easiest On-The-Move Grub. These Quick Meals Are Versatile And Even Have Many Different Varieties On Their Own Versions.  Wraps Are More Like An Easy, On-The-Go Type Of Food Which Can Make Your Travels Interesting And Appetising.

Don’t Want To Settle For Your Regular Old Lunch Or Dinner? Try These Wraps Out Which Can Make-Do As Your Lunch Or Dinner



1) Mutton Kathi Roll

An All Time Favourite Among The Meat-Lovers. The Kathi Roll Originated From The Streets Of Kolkata, Which Has Now Made Its Way All Around The World. Delicious Chewy Mutton Filled Wraps Can Set Those Mouths Watering!


2) Chicken Shawarma

The Descendant From Turkey, This Yummy Roll With Flavoured Chicken Is Now Famous Across The World For Its Delectableness. Bite In To These Mouth-Watering Rolls Loaded With Chicken And Authentic Masalas.


3) Paneer Tikka Roll

When Non-Vegetarian Isn’t Your Game, You Play It Vegetarian! The Paneer Tikka Roll Is The Vegetarian Brother Of Its Non-Vegetarian Family. And It’s Equally Delicious. The Goodness Of Paneer And The Many Types Of Chutney Makes For A Lip-Smacking Lunch/Dinner.


4) Chicken Fajita:

A Mix Of Avocado, Sweet Onions, Beans, Peppers And Shredded Chicken Makes For The Chicken Fajita. This Roll Comes With Sour Cream. And For Vegetarians, The Fajita Is Available Minus The Chicken.


5) Double Egg Roll:

Crave For A Filling Bite? The Double Egg Roll Should Do The Trick. This One Is Wrapped With Cabbage And Stir-Fried Ginger And Garlic – A Combination Which Gels Well With The Eggs. Add A Cutting Chai To The Mix And Find Yourself In Heaven!

On A Roll For Some Rolls? Head Over To Deliverychef.In And Get Your Hands On Delicious Deals!


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Best Foods To Fight The Flu

It is that time of the year again, when untimely rains will leave you soaking wet because you forgot to wear your armour (wind cheater) or carry your weapon (umbrella) to fend yourself from the rains; when your weakened immune system is forced to strike open its door for viruses; when you are attacked by the dreaded flu leading to fever, cold, headache, body ache, runny nose, nasal congestion and what not!

The moment you get that tickling feeling in the back of your throat, your head hurts and you cannot breathe, you know that you are in for abattle with the flu. And what do we do to get rid of this monster called flu? We take painkillers, antibiotics etc. which might not work always. While modern medicine must be hailed, we can definitely try to cure this ailment with the help of traditional home remedies.

Here are some superfoods you must eat to fight the flu. After all, never underestimate the power of food right?

Green Tea


Green tea has antioxidants that boost your immune system enabling it to fight against viruses and flu. However drinking green tea might not cure the flu entirely but it will surely reduce the duration of the flu. Drinking 3-5 cups a day will do the trick and enhance your mood and mental health.

Chicken Soup

Jul15Grandma can never be wrong when it comes to curing sickness. With chicken itself having proteins which your body badly needs to fight the flu, and the salt in the soup helping to prevent dehydration, chicken soup is an ideal choice to fight the flu.

So next time when your mother or grandma makes some chicken soup for you do not crib and just drink it up.



Garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-fungal. The compounds called allion and allicin present in garlic has antiviral qualities which help destroy flu causing viruses and they also actas a decongestants. This pungent food can be consumed as a raw clove chewed every three to four hours or can be mixed with honey if you are not a fan of its taste.

Citrus Fruits

Jul17Studies have found that vitamin C can cure upto 23% of cold. The more vitamin C the better, as it helps with the production of white blood cells in our body. And vitamin C rich fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit, not only help to strengthen your immune system but also help your body detoxify.


Jul18As we all know, mushrooms are great immunity boosters. They help improve the count of a certain type of protein,which plays a very important role in fending our bodies from viral infection. They are also rich in zinc * sterols which makes our immune system strong and healthy.

The trick with the flu is to stay hydrated and to work on strengthening your immune system. So the next time you feel the dreaded flu coming on, get your remedy without much ado from www.Deliverychef.in


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7 Must-Have Fruits To Boost Your Immune System

Remember that old saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’? Well, now is the time to act on it if you have not already.

Your immune system is your body’s best friend, and what affects your best friend is bound to affect you too, right?!Basically, to have your body function properly, you need to take utmost care of your immune system.

Now, when we say take utmost care, we mean you go down the natural, super foods route. While supplements and medicines are an option too, we’d recommend you go the natural way first.

There are a whole lot of fruits and foods available that are rich in vitamins, proteins, fibers etc. These will boost your immune system, and make it stronger.



Struggling with cholesterol or weight problems? You have got a saviour right here. Apart from lowering your cholesterol and helping in weight management it also reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthens your immune system overall. Yes, Avocado is high in fats but stop worrying! Because they are no ordinary fats. The fat in avocado controls your blood sugar balance, soothes inflammation and is healthy for your cells.


ju8Loaded with antioxidants, berries reduce high blood pressure, and help in prevention of arthritis, strokes and osteoporosis. A great source of vitamins, minerals and fibers, berries also have anticancer effects. Try eating a bowl of mixed berries to get the most out of this fruit.


ju9Whether it be a certain dish or just water, lime always makes it more delicious and refreshing. And this fruit from the citrus family is no less when it comes to boosting ones immune system. Good for your digestive system, lime protects against arthritis, helps maintain blood pressure, strengthensthe immune system,among a host of other benefits.


ju10Ever wondered why they say ‘an Apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Because it actually does! Did you know that eating one apple a day can increase your life expectancy? Apples lower the risk of diabetes, boost the function of your immune system, help in cleansing your body from toxins and heavy metals and make your skin glow by cleaning out your colon. So, go buy that luscious, red apple and stay away from the doctor!


ju11Rich in fiber and antioxidants, this superfruit has a whole lot of health benefits. It reduces your risk of eye problems, protects the cardiovascular system, prevents cell damage and inflammation which might have led to cancer, and much more. Including this nutritional and flavourful fruit in your daily diet is highly recommended. Add it to your morning bowl of breakfast or consumer as a mid-afternoon snack.


ju12Once called “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus, this bright pear shaped fruit has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties and thus, is a must-have. It strengthens the liver, the heart, improves the functionality of the immune system and so much more! Also easily available, this tropical fruit needs to be a part of your diet.


ju13Known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that gives protection against cancer and also fights arthritis. Amino acids and antioxidants present in it bolster the immune system and stabilise blood sugar. The perk being, this vitamin and mineral rich fruit can be easily integrated with n number of recipes from meals to desserts.

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7 Insane, But Real Ice Cream fFavours



I scream. You scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM!

Remember this quote we used to say whenever someone said ice cream? So many memories to cherish; so many stories to tell.

This cold, creamy scrumptious dessert is almost everyone’s comfort food. From plain old vanilla, to trustworthy chocolate, to berries, ice cream flavours have been reliable and predictable.But do you know how crazy ice cream flavours are getting nowadays in the big creative world out there?! Well, allow us to introduce you to the world of odd, adventurous flavoured ice creams.

Jellyfish Ice Cream

Lick me and I will glow.

Charlie Francis, founder of the ice cream company ‘Lick me I’m Delicious’ invented this bright, luminous ice cream. An ice cream which glows when licked! A certain kind of jellyfish protein is used in the preparation of this ice cream which gives it its distinctive feature. And don’t you worry about it being toxic because unlike toxic jellyfish stings, it is totally safe.

Whiskey Prune

Getting drunk on whiskey is too mainstream, this time get drunk on ice cream! No, we are not kidding. This boozy ice cream is prepared by mixing whiskey soaked prunes with mascarpone ice cream which is then swirled in a whiskey ripple to ensure the authentic flavour of whiskey is retained.

Gochujang Soft-Serve

For those who are not simply satisfiedby the sweet taste of ice cream, Gochujang soft-serve is for you. Inspired by Korean cuisine’s mix of sweet and hot flavours this ice cream is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy topped with sprinkles and Korean pork floss.

Mamushi snake ice cream

This is the most strange and insane ice cream invention we have heard till date. We know what you are wondering. A snake in an ice cream?! How come someone could even try this? And mind you, this is not any ordinary snake but Mamushi is one of the most venomous snake in Japan.

Foie Gras

This decadent French dessert made with Sauternes wine, egg yolks, sugar, butter, cream and slowly baked Foie Gras is juste parfait(just perfect) for desserts. Philippe Faur the creator of Foie Gras suggests to accompany it with other dishes such as a topping for steak or bread to enjoy it to the fullest.

Roasted Garlic Ice Cream

Yes, this combination also exists! Wondering how the pungent taste of garlic will blend with the sweetness of ice cream? Well, the roasting brings out the hidden sweetness of garlic and results in a beautiful melting of flavours. And wait, the best part is yet to come; you can savour it with your favourite ice cream flavour! Now isn’t that amazing?! Perfect for someone looking for a change but not an extreme one.

Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Those days are gone when you had to do with enjoying sweet corn on the cob; sweet corn ice cream is the new ‘it’ thing. This corn-i-licious, creamy ice cream made from sweet corn, sea salt, sugar, little caramel corn topped with mascarpone whipped cream is a must-have for all sweet corn lovers.

Craving this comfort food yet? Get your serve of rich, delectable ice creams at the leisure of your home with www.Deliverychef.in now!

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5 Best Dessert Joints in Mumbai

There’s always room for desserts, isn’t there?

Desserts are that one thing that personify what they say to be ‘Heaven on Earth’. Those toothsome brownies, pastries, cupcakes, tiramisu,dayumm!!!!Just thinking about them makes our mouth water. Indulging in the sugary delight of the desserts is the luxury which we can all afford and satiating your sugar rush with the best is all we desire.

So we bring to you the best desserts to devour this season and every one thereafter! Read on.



Kainaz was definitely right when she named this joint ‘Theobroma’ – Greek for ‘Food of the Gods’. A quaint little café, with cozy ambiance and ‘n’ number of outlets all over Mumbai, Theobroma needs no recognition. Whether you are a dessert person or not, this place will make you fall in love with desserts all over again. Their soft, gooey brownies and red velvet cake are to die for. Ooh and don’t forget to indulge in their oh so drool-worthy macaroons.

Sweetish House Mafia


From Lower Parel to Oshiwara, their outlets are spread all over Mumbai. Famous for their crisp, moist and soft cookies; you will get different variants of cookies from cookie shake to delectable Nutella sundae here. Their s’mores(for all marshmallows lovers out there!) and Nutella sea salt cookies are too good to not try.

Le15 Patisserie


With love from France.

Le15 Patisserie offers a classic French taste in all their desserts. It was a dream of Chef Pooja Dhingra to bring the taste of French pastries to India and she has been more than successful in turning that dream into reality. With Bollywood stars, politicians, corporate czars and many sports people being her regular patrons; we can’t stop ourselves from gushing over their unique flavoured macaroons (paan macaroon anyone?) or their beautifully made sweet little cupcakes.

The Boston Cupcakery


Love cupcakes? Also milkshakes? Well, then The Boston Cupcakery is your go to place. Cupcakes, cupcake shakes, cupcake ice creams! This small classy shop specialises in everything cupcake. Indulge in their decadentcupcakes, that will melt in your mouth, their out of the world cupcake milkshake or their sumptuous waffles and satiate your tastebuds.

Mad Over Donuts



Are you, Mad over Donuts? If yes, then this is your paradise. From choco bomb to spice surprise, they have it all.

For those times when you don’t want to step out, you can always order these gastronomical experiences at home fromwww.Deliverychef.in!

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Must-Have Monsoon Foods if you are in Mumbai

And… Monsoons are finally here! It is that time of the year when all we crave is hot tea with some garama garam, spicy snack to relish in this beautiful weather. And what is more awesome than revelling this season in the favourite streets/monsoon/comfort foods of Mumbai?

Pav Bhajij28Just thinking about this hot and spicy vegetable curry (bhaji) with buttery soft pav, makes our mouths water. You can find this most popular fast food of Mumbai, in almost any restaurant in the city. And trust us you will not be disappointed after eating this delicacy!

Misal Pav

j29This spicy delicacy eaten in various parts of Maharashtra has multiple nutritional values and is an ideal meal for a cold rainy day. The best thing about Misal Pav? It can pass as a breakfast dish, snack or as a full meal!


j30Eating butta while taking a stroll at Chowpatty or when sitting at Marine Drive enjoying the company of friends and family, is what we Mumbaikars call a rainy day rightly spent.

Vada Pav

j31That hot vada pav with the infamous red chutney and chilli is just what we all crave in these cold and rainy days in Mumbai. As they say, Mumbai jaake Vada  Pav nahi khaya toh kya khaya! (If you didn’t eat Vada Pav when in Mumbai then what did you even eat!?).

Bombli Fry

j32Flattened bombli fish is dipped in a batter of spiced besan which is then fried till it turns golden brown. This soft in the inside and crispy on the outside dish will surely not fail to meet your expectations.

Keema Pav


It is basically minced mutton curry with peas or potatoes served with pav. Keema Pav is a quite popular street food in Mumbai and you will get it at any hour of the day or even at night for that matter. So, next time when you go out to enjoy Mumbai rains at night, do make it a point to eat this amazing dish!


j34The best thing about chaat is that you don’t need to be hungry to eat it. There are so many varieties of chaat to choose from, that you’ll be always spoilt for choice. And eating chaat in Mumbai rains has an irreplaceable charm of its own!

So, what’s your favourite Monsoon food?Hit us up at www.deliverychef.in to get your favourite monsoon delicacy delivered to your doorstep.

Happy Monsoon& Happy Eating!

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10 MostUnique Pizzas YouWill Surely Love

Ask someone what Pizza means to them and majority of them, especially teens, will say – Pizza is Bae. Pizza is Life. Pizza is Everything!

And why wouldn’t they?! Pizza is not just food, it is an experience that one should indulge in time and again. And the best part about pizza is that there are so many versions of it, so you seldom have to repeat one!j18

Mango and Pizza?! Combination of two of our favourites, King of fruits and King of fast food! Now, that sounds interesting. A small snack place known as ‘Pitstop’ in Guimaras, Jordan serves this amazing invention called Mango Pizza. It might sound weird but trust us it is a must try if you ever get the chance.

Four Cheese Caprese Pizza


Caprese with cheese and crispy pizza crust is what defines Four Cheese Caprese Pizza. If you love Caprese, you will surely love this Pizza.

 Sushi Pizza


This Japanese origin Pizza uses fried rice patty as base and is topped with variety of ingredients such as tuna or crab meat, sliced salmon etc. A delicacy for those love to experiment, for sure!

Frankford Avenue Taco Pizza

j21A Philadelphia based pizzeria named ‘Pizza Brain’ serves this uncanny combination of Pizza with ice-cream. Frankford Avenue Taco Pizza consists of a slice of cheese pizza topped with three scoops of Pizza flavoured ice-cream i.e. tomato-basil-garlic flavoured ice cream which may sound bizarre but is actually, quiteappetizing.

Deep – Fried Pizza

j22Yes! A Deep-Fried Pizza instead of a baked one. Its crispy, light, puffy and tasty. And those who like pizza rolls and mozzarella sticks are sure to fall in love with this version of our favourite food.

Tuna Fish pizza

j23Tuna Fish Pizza, is topped with tuna, onions, cheese, peppers, oregano and tomato sauce is a must try if you too, like the Germans, are a fan of tuna.

Caviar Pizza


Longing for some French experience? Well, this slice of heaven will give you just that. Originated in France, Caviar Pizza is loaded with some decadent toppings of cremefraiche, chopped egg, red onion, capers, chives and obviously caviar!

Pear Prosciutto Gorgonzola Pizza

j25Fruit on Pizza? Sounds appealing? No? This Pizza is for those select few who like the concept of meat and fruit on their pizza at the same time. The balance of flavours of this pizza is both sweet and salty and this quite, different!

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

j26This Indian spin to our beloved Italian delicacy is outrightly divine. The exotic taste of chicken and Indian spices with cheesy pizza base, served straight out of the oven is sure to melt in your mouth.

Grilled Honey Sriracha Chicken Pizza

j27A delicious Pizza with chicken, spicy sriracha sauce and honey, once tried, will leave you wanting for more. So? Craving some crispy, cheesy Pizza? Then stop resisting, and order now www.deliverychef.in !

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